Folkmanis hand puppet classic monkey


Kids and adults will fall in love with the super soft and huggable Folkmanis classic monkey puppet. With movable mouth and arms plus a sweet, expressive face, this new friend is fun for playtime, naptime or anytime! (The height of the hand puppet was measured without the tail.)

Did you know that monkeys are among the most intelligent and social animals? They communicate with each other using a variety of sounds, gestures, and facial expressions. These social creatures build complex relationships and often collaborate to find food or protect each other. The Folkmanis hand puppet classic monkey provides children with a playful way to explore the communicative abilities and playful behaviors of these fascinating animals.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: mouth, arms
Height approx.: 38 cm
Weight approx.: 231 g
Publication year: July 2016
Country of origin: People's Republic of China