The Hand Puppet Online Shop: A Paradise for Puppeteers

Welcome to our Hand Puppet Online Shop, the dream destination for puppet enthusiasts of all ages! Our extensive range includes over 1,000 hand puppets and more than 200 finger puppets, each unique in design and character.

The variety of our collection ranges from traditional Kasperle puppets, evoking nostalgic memories, to innovative Living Puppets that impress with their realistic "mouth movement" principle. Our finger puppets, ideal for interactive learning games, foster creativity and fine motor skills in children.

Living Puppets: More Than Just a Puppet

Living Puppets hand puppets are not just toys, but valuable companions in education and therapy. With their strong character faces and easy-to-operate mechanisms, they are perfect for role-playing and communication training.

Each Living Puppet is made from high-quality materials and is robust enough for daily use in schools and therapy centers. They offer an excellent way to explore topics like emotions, social interaction, and language development in a playful manner.

Folkmanis Puppets: A Window into the Animal World

Folkmanis® Puppets are more than just stuffed animals – they are works of art that realistically portray animals from around the world. From majestic wildlife to domestic pets, Folkmanis offers a range that amazes children and adults alike.

Each puppet is a result of careful handcrafting, with a focus on attention to detail and quality. They are ideal teaching tools for natural science and biology, enriching any classroom or child's room.

Traditional Punch & Judy Puppets by Kersa: Cultural Heritage and Fun

Our Kersa Punch & Judy puppets represent a centuries-old tradition of puppetry. They are made from high-quality materials and hand-painted with attention to detail. Each figure tells its own story and brings the classic Punch & Judy theatre to your home.

The Kersa collection is perfect for schools, kindergartens, and theater groups that want to promote and preserve traditional puppetry. They are not just entertainment but also a piece of living cultural history.