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Folkmanis Hand Puppets - High-Quality Play Figures from the USA

Folkmanis Hand Puppets from the USA are play figures made of plush and other high-quality materials that impress with their elaborate craftsmanship and attention to detail. Currently, there are about 220 different Folkmanis models available, including many animals from nature, as well as human characters from the world of myths and fairy tales.

The design of the hand puppets is based on principles such as closeness to nature, shape stability, attractiveness even when not played with, and suitability for beginners. Each hand puppet is adapted to the animal species or character and offers surprising and creative effects.

The design, materials, and workmanship meet the highest quality standards. All models have passed laboratory tests to ensure that they always comply with European trade regulations in terms of pollutant emissions, flame retardancy, and stability of small parts.

Folkmanis believes that imagination is the key to a healthy childhood and that imagination stimulates the joy of play and new discoveries, helping to develop important skills for life. Since 1976, Folkmanis has been successfully producing the most unusual and attractive hand puppets on the market, and has since won many industry, toy, professional, and customer awards - some even multiple times.