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Discover the Ideal Hand Puppet for Your Child

Searching for the perfect hand puppet to delight your child? Whether for joyful playtime or an educational school performance, our extensive collection of over 1100 hand puppets is sure to have what you need. Each of our hand puppets is characterized by friendly design, attention to detail, and affordable prices.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hand Puppet

Finding the ideal hand puppet can be a challenge. We're here to help! Consider these aspects in your decision:

Purpose of the Hand Puppet

Whether as a creative toy or a part of school theatre, the purpose is crucial in choosing the right hand puppet.


Our hand puppets come in a variety of prices to suit every budget. Determine your budget to simplify your choice.

Age of the Child

We have hand puppets for all age groups, from toddlers to older children. Select one that suits the child’s age.

Child's Favourite Animals

When choosing a hand puppet as a toy, consider the child's love for animals. Our animal hand puppets are sure to delight!

Our Diverse Collection of Hand Puppets

With our vast range of high-quality and affordable hand puppets, we are confident you will find the perfect puppet for your needs. Explore our collection today and bring joy into your life!

Living Puppets Hand Puppets

Living Puppets hand puppets are perfect for bringing imagination and fun into any child's playtime. These adorable characters are easy to animate, making them perfect for interactive play and storytelling. Explore our diverse range of designs suitable for every child.

Living Puppets hand puppets are not just playmates but also assist in learning. Ideal for practising a foreign language or learning about history, these cuddly friends make the learning process more enjoyable. They are also perfect for developing creativity and imagination.

Life is more fun with a Living Puppet at your side. Known for their expressive faces and soft, cuddly materials, our hand puppets have been delighting children and adults for over 30 years. Discover them here.

Folkmanis Hand Puppets

Folkmanis hand puppets, known for their lifelike appearance, are an excellent choice. Each puppet is crafted with attention to detail and high quality. Explore our range of realistic animal puppets and imaginative creatures here.

The Puppet Company Hand Puppets

The Puppet Company is a leading manufacturer of hand puppets. Ideal for schools, theatres, or just for fun at home. Explore our selection here.

Kallisto Hand Puppets

Kallisto offers a wide variety of hand puppets, made from natural materials. Discover our eco-friendly, durable hand puppets here.

KERSA - Quality Hand Puppets Since 1925

KERSA stands for high-quality, Made in Germany hand puppets. Discover our traditional Kasperle figures here.

Why Hand Puppets are an Essential Toy for Children

Hand puppets are a valuable tool for fostering creativity, imagination, as well as social and emotional skills in children. They effectively support language development and provide children with a creative way to express themselves, tell stories, and explore different roles.

Discover the Variety: Different Types of Hand Puppets

Our selection includes various types of hand puppets suitable for children of all ages. From classic Living Puppets to detailed Folkmanis Puppets, each type offers unique play opportunities and promotes different skills.

The Importance of Hand Puppets in Kindergarten

In kindergarten, hand puppets are a valuable educational tool. They support language development, encourage creativity, and social-emotional skills. Teachers can use our hand puppets to playfully convey learning content and address complex topics in a child-friendly manner.

Why Children Love Hand Puppets

Hand puppets stimulate imagination and allow children to slip into different roles and explore emotions in a playful way. Our high-quality puppets provide children with a safe space to fully express their creativity.

Hand Puppets: A World of Possibilities

Explore the world of hand puppets in our online shop. We offer a wide selection for children and adults, from The Puppet Company to Kallisto. Find the perfect puppet to enrich your child's creativity and imagination.