Living Puppets tattoos Lilabell and Lasse hearts


Do you have a heart for Living Puppets? Lilabell and Lasse definitely have one for you. Now they are both great tattoos!

Tattoo sheet (ca. 56 x 105 mm)

Important Information:

Non-toxic, non-irritant, free of organotin compounds, forbidden plasticizers, formaldehyde, lead and PAH, according to the EU Cosmetics Directive.

Easy to use:

1. Cut out motif

2. Remove protective film

3. Press the tattoo firmly onto the clean, dry and oil-free skin with the picture side.

4. Moisten the back of the tattoo well with a wet rag or sponge.

5. after 30-40 seconds remove the backing paper.

6. wipe the finished tattoo carefully with water and let it dry.

The tattoos are easy to remove with skin cream or skin oil.