Folkmanis finger puppet barn swallow


Birders rejoice in the beautiful Folkmanis Barn Swallow finger puppet. Exquisite design is accented with steely blue-black feathered plush, cinnamon colored facial features and an iconic forked tail that comes to life magically with your hand movement. Special feature: Very large finger puppet

Did you know that barn swallows are known for their impressive flight acrobatics and speed? These birds spend the majority of their life in the air, hunting insects. Their long, forked tails help them to maneuver agilely. The Folkmanis finger puppet barn swallow provides an exciting way to explore the fascinating flying abilities and vital roles of these birds in nature.

Typ: finger puppet
Lenght approx.: 20 cm
Span approx.: 25 cm
Weight approx.: 24 g
Publication year: January 2019
Country of origin: People's Republic of China