Folkmanis hand puppet sea serpent


Dive to the depths of your imagination with the whimsical sea serpent hand puppet. This enchanting creature features scaly-looking, midnight blue skin with a feathery, three-humped spine highlighted with bright blue accents on its movable head and tail. Animate both mouth and tail pocket for full hypnotic effect. (additional rear pocket for added movement)

Did you know that sea serpents are often depicted in myths and legends as powerful and mysterious ocean creatures? They are said to possess supernatural abilities and rule the seas. Although sea serpents are fictional beings, they captivate people with their stories of adventure and magic. The Folkmanis hand puppet sea serpent provides children with the opportunity to dive into the world of fantasy and create their own legendary ocean tales.

Typ: hand puppet
Lenght approx.: 56 cm
Playability: mouth, tail
Height approx.: 25 cm
Weight approx.: 240 g
Publication year: January 2015
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