Folkmanis hand puppet baby dragon


Sitting on his rump, tail curled and reaching for Mom, he may look harmless, but watch out! This baby dragon puppet is a fierce creature in training. Animate his arms and mouth and he’ll light fires in your heart. Fashioned in scaly textured fabric with satiny wings.

Did you know that dragons are depicted in many cultures as powerful and magical creatures capable of breathing fire? While real dragons do not exist, they captivate the imagination and are a popular element in fairy tales and legends. The Folkmanis hand puppet baby dragon provides a wonderful opportunity for children to delve into the world of mythology and create their own magical adventures.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: mouth, forlegs
Height approx.: 22 cm
Weight approx.: 172 g
Publication year: July 2010
Country of origin: People's Republic of China