Folkmanis hand puppet little t-rex (small stage puppet)


A tiny terror, the scaly, green little Tyrannosaurus Rex stage puppet bears a toothy grin. Work the mouth and arms for full dinosaur delight!

The Folkmanis hand puppets from the small Stage Puppets series are specially designed for children’s hands, ensuring an ideal play experience and easy handling. Their size is perfectly tailored to the needs of young puppeteers, guaranteeing maximum enjoyment during playtime.

Did you know that the Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the most famous dinosaurs, had remarkably large and powerful jaws capable of exerting up to 8,000 pounds of pressure? This impressive bite force made it one of the most feared predators of its time. The small Folkmanis stage puppet T-Rex provides children with an exciting way to learn about the physical attributes and behaviors of this iconic prehistoric predator and playfully explore the world of dinosaurs.

Typ: hand puppet, small stage puppet
Playability: mouth, arms
Height approx.: 15 cm
Weight approx.: 32 g
Publication year: January 2014
Country of origin: People's Republic of China