Folkmanis hand puppet unicorn


Beguiling in its beauty, the mythical unicorn comes to life as a Folkmanis Puppet. This graceful white creature has a metallic rose-gold spiraled horn, lovely long eyelashes and a flowing pink mane and tail adorned with floral accents.

Did you know that the unicorn is often seen as a symbol of purity and grace and revered as a magical creature in many cultures and mythologies? Although unicorns are mythical animals, they captivate people around the world with their mystical aura and the notion of being able to grant wishes. The Folkmanis hand puppet unicorn provides children with an enchanting way to dive into the world of fantasy and create imaginative, magical stories.

Lenght approx.: 66 cm
Playability: mouth, makes sounds
Height approx.: 23 cm
Weight approx.: 513 g
Publication year: January 2020
Country of origin: Vietnam