Folkmanis hand puppet turtleneck turtle


This little turtle is out shopping for outfits. He may have found the perfect turtle neck for his upcoming vacation. Will he be off in the mountains skiing? Crawling through the woods for dinner at Grandma’s house? Or just cozying up to the fire? Whatever your imagination can dream up, this adorable turtle puppet will be a great gift or traveling buddy.

Did you know that turtles have special adaptations to absorb oxygen while underwater for extended periods? This ability allows some species to stay submerged for hours without needing to surface. The Folkmanis hand puppet turtle provides a playful way to teach children about the remarkable survival strategies of these amazing creatures.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: mouth, forlegs, can hide
Height approx.: 31 cm
Weight approx.: 200 g
Publication year: July 2010