Folkmanis hand puppet frog life cycle


Teaching kids about science is fun and engaging with the Folkmanis frog life cycle. Marvel at the extraordinary design of this three-stage toy. In the first stage, the lenticular printed egg comes alive with motion. Next, utilize the zippers to tuck and reveal the tadpole stage into the frog stage as you animate the mouth to tell the story of metamorphosis. This piece of art showcases how Folkmanis transforms learning. (transforms from egg, to tadpole, to frog)

Did you know that frogs undergo a dramatic transformation during their life cycle known as metamorphosis? They start their life as water-dwelling tadpoles that gradually develop into land-dwelling frogs with legs and lungs. The Folkmanis hand puppet "Frog Life Cycle" provides children with a playful way to trace this fascinating transformation and explore the life cycle of a frog from tadpole to adult.

Typ: reversible puppet
Lenght approx.: 36 cm
Playability: mouth
Width approx.: 28 cm
Height approx.: 13 cm
Weight approx.: 286 g
Publication year: January 2018