Folkmanis hand puppet pygmy owl


Small but mighty, the Folkmanis Pygmy Owl is true to form. Life-sized tall with lifelike illusion printed body plush and piercing owl eyes, the realism is supernatural with a head that rotates! Such a hoot!

The pygmy owl, also known as the little owl or marsh owl, is a fascinating species of owl found in various parts of the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia. Despite their small size, these owls are known to be skilled hunters, capturing a variety of prey including insects, small mammals, and birds. The Folkmanis hand puppet pygmy owl provides a realistic representation of this charming owl species, allowing children to learn more about its lifestyle and adaptations.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: head rotatable
Height approx.: 18 cm
Weight approx.: 49 g
Publication year: July 2022