Folkmanis hand puppet basset hound


With sad eyes and a droopy expression, this basset hound puppet begs for a warm cuddle. Hey, we all need a hug now and then, right! And with his soft plush, you’ll want to hug him again and again.

Did you know that Basset Hounds are among the best scent detectors among dog breeds? Their long, droopy ears help to capture scents from the ground and direct them to their powerful sense of smell as they follow trails. This characteristic makes them excellent hunting dogs. The Folkmanis hand puppet Basset Hound allows children to playfully explore the fascinating hunting abilities and endearing nature of these dogs.

Typ: hand puppet
Lenght approx.: 41 cm
Playability: mouth, forlegs
Height approx.: 23 cm
Weight approx.: 236 g
Publication year: January 2012
Country of origin: Indonesia