Folkmanis hand puppet pangolin


The fascinating pangolin is an extraordinary scaly skinned mammal that resembles a reptile. Distinctive illusion printed scales, movable head and legs with a tail that wraps around gives life to this marvelous Folkmanis hand puppet.

Did you know that pangolins are unique mammals covered entirely in scales? These scales act as armor to protect against predators. Pangolins are also known for their ability to roll up into a ball when threatened. They primarily feed on ants and termites, which they collect with their long, sticky tongues. The Folkmanis hand puppet pangolin provides children with a fascinating way to playfully explore the distinctive features and survival strategies of this often misunderstood and unfortunately highly endangered animal.

Typ: hand puppet
Lenght approx.: 33 cm
Playability: forlegs, head, tail
Height approx.: 18 cm
Weight approx.: 132 g
Publication year: January 2022