Folkmanis hand puppet black dragon


Rising up through the shadows emerges the formidable Folkmanis black dragon puppet. Elaborately detailed with hypnotic eyes, serpentine skin and reptilian accents, this legendary creature comes to life with movement in the mouth, forked tongue and arms. Pull the cord at the base of the tail to expand an impressive wingspan and give flight to your fantastic imagination! (pull cord at base of tail to operate wings)

Did you know that dragons are viewed in many cultures as powerful and wise beings, often seen as guardians of knowledge and treasures? The black dragon, a popular figure in mythology and fantasy, symbolizes strength and mystery. The Folkmanis hand puppet black dragon allows children to dive into the world of mythical creatures and create their own mystical adventures.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: mouth, wings, arms, tongue
Height approx.: 61 cm
Span approx.: 58 cm
Weight approx.: 435 g
Publication year: January 2016