Folkmanis hand puppet kangaroo with joey


Fun abounds with the Folkmanis hand puppet kangaroo with Joey, a combo of puppets that’s two in one! Signature styling of this iconic Aussie pair has a full-bodied mama kanga with moving mouth and arms and removable joey in pouch with movable arms. Featured in butter soft plush, this playful pair is bound to become a favorite.

Did you know that kangaroo mothers have a unique method of care by carrying their young, known as joeys, in a pouch on their belly until they are mature? This pouch serves as a protected space where the joey can safely grow and develop while it feeds and learns from its mother. The Folkmanis hand puppet kangaroo with a joey provides children with a fun way to explore the maternal care and fascinating lifestyle of these charismatic Australian animals.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: mouth, forlegs
Height approx.: 51 cm
Weight approx.: 562 g
Publication year: January 2022
Country of origin: People's Republic of China