Folkmanis hand puppet crow


The iconic black crow stars as a trickster in many stories and folktales. This intelligent corvid is represented well with the Folkmanis Crow puppet. Reflecting the classic silhouette in sleek jet black feathery plush, movable beak, and shiny legs, this puppet fools the eye and creates the illusion of a real live bird.

Did you know that crows are among the most intelligent birds, capable of solving complex problems? These smart birds can use tools, recognize faces, and even communicate with each other. Their ability to adapt to a wide range of environments makes them one of the most versatile bird species around the world. The Folkmanis hand puppet crow provides children with a fun way to explore the fascinating intelligence and social skills of these exceptionally clever birds.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: head
Height approx.: 20 cm
Weight approx.: 113 g
Publication year: January 2024
Country of origin: Indonesia