Folkmanis hand puppet wyvern dragon


Adding to the Folkmanis family of award-winning dragon puppets is this timeless symbol of heraldry, the wyvern dragon. It’s easy to manipulate the velvety mouth and tongue of this scaly green iconic beast and have fun for ages and ages!

Did you know that in European mythology, the wyvern is depicted as a dragon with two legs and a pair of wings? Unlike traditional four-legged dragons, the wyvern is characterized by its unique and sleek form. The Folkmanis hand puppet wyvern dragon brings this mythical creature to life with its impressive wingspan and dynamic mobility, sparking imagination in the world of child's play.

Typ: hand puppet
Lenght approx.: 41 cm
Playability: mouth, wings, tongue
Height approx.: 43 cm
Weight approx.: 386 g
Publication year: July 2008
Country of origin: Vietnam