Folkmanis hand puppet Sasquatch


Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot, is a figure that looms large in North American wilderness lore. This legendary ape-like human creature comes to life from Folkmanis Puppets with huge feet, fabulous tumble plush, expressive eyes and a movable mouth for revealing storytelling.

Did you know that Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a legendary creature featured in North American folklore? Although its existence has never been scientifically proven, many reports of sightings of this mysterious, large, and hairy creature in remote forests continue to intrigue. The Folkmanis hand puppet Bigfoot provides children with an exciting way to delve into the world of cryptozoology and create their own adventure stories with this iconic figure of American mythology.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: mouth
Height approx.: 69 cm
Weight approx.: 567 g
Publication year: January 2022