Folkmanis hand puppet barred rock rooster


Don’t sleep on getting the Folkmanis Barred Rock Rooster! This cocky character has fabulous feathery soft plush, a bright velvety comb and movable wings and beak to strut and peck with the best. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Did you know that the Barred Rock rooster, a variety of Plymouth Rock chicken, is known for its distinctive striped plumage? This breed of chicken is not only popular for its appearance but also for its hardiness and friendly nature. They make excellent pets and are reliable egg producers. The Folkmanis hand puppet Barred Rock rooster provides children with a fun way to explore the characteristic features and lively behavior of this popular chicken breed.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: beak, wings
Height approx.: 30 cm
Weight approx.: 132 g
Publication year: July 2022