Folkmanis hand puppet ermine


White like winter snow with a black tipped tail, the Folkmanis Ermine is an extraordinary and endearing weasel-like animal. This curious creature, also known as a stoat, has a long slinky body, deep coal eyes, movable mouth and a rear pocket for full body movement.

Did you know that ermines, also known as stoats, change their fur to white in the winter to better blend into snowy landscapes? In the summer, their coat returns to a brown coloration, which helps them remain inconspicuous in their environment. This adaptability makes ermines masterful at camouflage. The Folkmanis hand puppet ermine provides children with a fun way to explore the fascinating seasonal changes and the skillful hunting behaviors of these clever predators.

Typ: hand puppet
Lenght approx.: 53 cm
Playability: mouth, tail
Weight approx.: 240 g
Publication year: July 2022
Country of origin: Indonesia