Folkmanis hand puppet giant clam


A magnificent mollusk, the Folkmanis giant clam puppet is a deep sea diver’s dream come true! Inside the lovely and textural shell, behold the bounty of the sea. With four fingers, operate the clam shell and eyes to uncover a rare pearl tucked away safely inside. This extraordinary puppet is the most fun you’ll ever have with shellfish!

Did you know that the giant clam is one of the longest-living marine creatures, capable of living up to 100 years? Its vibrant colors come from algae with which it lives in symbiosis. These algae produce nutrients through photosynthesis, which benefits the clam. The Folkmanis hand puppet giant clam offers children a playful way to explore this fascinating symbiosis.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: eyes
Width approx.: 18 cm
Height approx.: 10 cm
Weight approx.: 95 g
Publication year: January 2016
Country of origin: People's Republic of China