Hand puppet chatter duck (Pittiplatsch) - by Heunec


The little duck Schnatterinchen, with her big eyes and red bow around her neck, is always sweet, polite, accommodating - and sometimes a bit of a know-it-all. Especially when she’s correcting her friends, the imp Pittiplatsch and the dog Moppi. But that’s exactly why we love Schnatterinchen and wouldn’t want to be without her.

Schnatterinchen has been a key part of the beloved children’s TV series “Unser Sandmännchen” for over 60 years. Along with her friends, she experiences many funny stories and helps signal bedtime for children, both young and old, every evening. With the funny hand puppet made of extra soft plush, the adventures of the cheerful little duckling in Fairyland can be wonderfully re-enacted, and new stories can be told.

Schnatterinchen from the evening greeting show Pittiplatsch of the Sandman as a hand puppet, with embroidered eyes.

Made of Softwool material, washable at 30°C (on a gentle cycle).

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: wings, head
Height approx.: 28 cm