Hand puppet Mr. Fox (Pittiplatsch) - by Heunec


Loud sounds echo through Fairyland: “Hassassassassassass!”, someone calls out. And then immediately follows with “Kreuzspinne und Kreuzschnabel.” Mr. Fox is actually a very agreeable and polite fellow. He lives in his cozy den in the woods and goes about his days. If it weren’t for the ever-complaining Mrs. Magpie, who constantly gripes about his noise and with whom he must perpetually bicker! Like an old married couple, the two argue - “Kuckucksei und Wiedehopf!”, she can really get on one’s nerves. Nevertheless, the two always remain polite with their formal “Sie” and, in the end, they always make up again.

Mr. Fox has been a staple of the beloved children’s TV series “Unser Sandmännchen” for over 60 years. Along with his friends, he experiences many funny stories and helps to signal bedtime for children both young and old every evening. With the funny hand puppet made of extra soft plush, the amusing stories of Mr. Fox with all his famous exclamations can be wonderfully re-enacted, and new stories can be created.

Mr. Fox from the evening greeting show Pittiplatsch of the Sandman as a hand puppet, with embroidered eyes and a long nose.

Made of Softwool material, washable at 30°C (on a gentle cycle).

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: arms, head
Height approx.: 30 cm