Folkmanis finger puppet mini spider


Arachnophobes won’t mind the whimsical mini spider finger puppet. Featured in all black this not so scary creature has gangly long legs, a bulbous abdomen, and fangs on a leatherette face with big beady eyes.

Did you know that spiders possess an amazing variety of web-making techniques to capture their prey? Depending on the species, spiders can create wheel-shaped webs, funnel webs, or even sticky silk traps. These fascinating creatures play a crucial role in the ecosystem by regulating insect populations. The Folkmanis finger puppet mini spider provides children with a fun way to explore the intriguing aspects of spider life and their importance to the environment.

Typ: finger puppet
Lenght approx.: 13 cm
Height approx.: 6 cm
Weight approx.: 25 g
Publication year: January 2014