Folkmanis finger puppet worm in apple


Take a bite out of the sweet life with the Folkmanis worm in apple finger puppet. This soft toy is a perfect introduction to engage little ones in puppetry playtime with a little peek-a-boo fun! (worm can hide in the apple)

Did you know that apples are often seen as a symbol of knowledge and learning, and the worm in the apple represents a curiosity that encourages exploration? This cute finger puppet can help children understand the importance of discovery and learning in a playful manner. The Folkmanis finger puppet worm in apple is perfect for exploring the natural world and its cycles.

Typ: finger puppet
Lenght approx.: 8 cm
Playability: can hide
Width approx.: 8 cm
Height approx.: 13 cm
Weight approx.: 45 g
Publication year: January 2018
Country of origin: People's Republic of China