Hand puppet crocodile Klappi - KERSA classic


Hand puppet crocodile Klappi from the Classic series of KERSA.

KERSA Classic

Each KERSA Punch and Judy figure captivates with a beautiful, soft textile head, meticulously embroidered, hand-shaped, and lovingly hand-painted in intricate craftsmanship. These lightweight, large hand puppets, also known as hand puppets, are emblematic of traditional Punch and Judy theatre and are incomparably expressive. The family-owned company KERSA, founded in 1925, has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality Punch and Judy hand puppets. The use of noble materials and the tradition of craftsmanship make KERSA Punch and Judy figures, or hand puppets, a true classic in every Punch and Judy theatre. The meticulous craftsmanship behind each KERSA Punch and Judy figure ensures that you hold a piece of timeless craftsmanship in your hands. Explore the infinite possibilities of Punch and Judy shows with these high-quality Punch and Judy hand puppets and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Punch and Judy theatre. Experience how KERSA Punch and Judy figures, or hand puppets, breathe life into your performances and enchant the audience with their charm and uniqueness. KERSA Punch and Judy puppets, or hand puppets, are more than just toys - they are a piece of cultural heritage and a source of unforgettable moments on stage or at home.

The Crocodile in the Punch and Judy show is an exciting character that brings suspense and adventure. With its sharp teeth and scaly skin, it embodies the wilderness and the unknown. In the stories, the Crocodile can appear as both a villain and an exotic creature. Its roots are in the distant jungles and waters, where it represents mystery and danger. In Punch and Judy shows, the Crocodile creates breath-taking moments and is highly popular among children. Kersa hand puppets featuring a Crocodile are highly sought after by young actors.

The Punch and Judy puppets from the Kersa Classic series are exceptionally lightweight and well-suited for the hands of both children and adults.

Warning! Small parts. Not for children under 36 months. Choking hazard!

Head material: sewn fabric head
Typ: hand puppet, Punch and Judy figure
Lenght approx.: 26 cm
Playability: mouth, head, with rattle
Country of origin: Germany