Folkmanis finger puppet woodland animal set


Kids can have hours of creative, on-the-go playtime with the Folkmanis woodland animal finger puppets set. Perfectly portable, find four finger puppets of black bear, gray squirrel, beaver, and red fox along with species information in the colorful canvas carrying case. (black bear, gray squirrel, beaver, and red fox)

Did you know that black bears prepare for hibernation by consuming up to 20,000 calories per day? Squirrels are skilled acrobats capable of leaping great distances through treetops. Beavers are known as architects of the forest, constructing impressive dams and lodges. The red fox is an adaptable hunter with keen hearing and a keen sense of smell, capable of successfully preying on various animals. The Folkmanis woodland animal finger puppet set provides a fun way for children to learn more about these fascinating woodland creatures and recreate their own adventures in the forest.

Typ: finger puppet
Playability: set
Height approx.: 8 cm
Weight approx.: 49 g
Publication year: January 2018