Hand washing brush Piggy - KERSA Schrubbi


Hand hygiene is becoming increasingly important. The right brush makes it possible. With these adorable nail brushes, it’s great fun for children to clean their hands and nails spick and span. The cheerful cleaning chamberades are also suitable for the grown-ups.

KERSA Schrubbi Piggy - hand brush, nail brush made of beech wood with natural bristles (Fibre), cute and practical, hand-painted, with strong and soft side, sustainable.

-HANDPAINTED: lovingly hand-painted

-WATERPROOF: painted with waterproof paint

-EFFECTIVE AND STILL SOFT: Ideal for children - with a (large) soft side and a strong side

-100 % NATURAL: high quality beech wood with natural fibre bristles

-FITSCOMFORTABLY IN YOUR HAND: thanks to its very handy shape and size (9.5 cm), it is ideal for children and adult hands