Organic washcloth elephant Ella by Fürnis


This large washing cloth in adult size brings even the most water-shy dwarf into the bathtub.

Not only the cute look, but also the possibility to slip into the washing cloth with the hand and so bring the animal to life, turns bathing into playtime and delights parents and children alike, because the washing glove has a playable mouth, just like a hand puppet. So the elephant is excellently suited for storytelling or grabbing things and putting them in its mouth.

The BIO wash animals from Fürnis are made exclusively from high-quality organic cotton that is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and thus proven to contain no harmful substances. GOTS-certified organic cotton is guaranteed to be organically grown. This means that no defoliants are used and the organic cotton is harvested by hand. This results in a higher quality, as no spoiled fibres, capsule and leaf pieces are harvested along with it. Thus, they not only allow for hilarious and skin-friendly play and bathing fun, but also for carefree chewing.

The BIO wash animals by Fürnis are not only characterised by classic design, sustainability and certified organic cotton, but also by their suitability for everyday use!

Material: BIO cotton

Design and manufacturing in the EU.

Mission: To give children the joy of bathing and washing.

Measures of elephant Ella: ca. 23 x 24,5 cm