Living Puppets hand puppet Count von Count large - Sesame Street


1-Haha. 2-Haha. Who doesn’t know him, the counting Count from Sesame Street? Count von Count wears a monocle, a green and pink cape and a black suit. Of course, as a vampire should, he has two beautiful fangs in his upper jaw.

Special feature: cape, jacket and trousers can be taken off.

The mouth can be easily moved using the hand hole in the back of the puppets head. In addition, either the left or the right hand of the hand puppet can be played. Count von Count has only 4 fingers on each hand. The hand puppet is designed to fit both - adults and childrens hands.

The Living Puppets hand puppet Count von Count is excellently suited for storytelling.

Washing instructions: Wash at 30 degrees / Do not bleach / Do not tumble dry / Do not iron / Do not dry-clean

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: mouth, hands
Height approx.: 65 cm