Glove finger puppets - fairy tale by HABA


Whether traveling or at home, when waving or shopping - young children are quickly bored. But when mum or daddy wear this toy glove with different puppets, the time flies like in flight. With the figures on the individual fingers can be played many classical fairy tales and fables, but also all sorts of fantasy stories. Because every finger has something new to discover. The different colours, shapes and materials stimulate the senses of the babies just as much as the incorporated sound effects. Here it crackles, there rattles. Feel, hear, see and play - the glove finger puppets from HABA are real multitalents.

- with the glove finger puppets fairy tale prince and princess, three play figures are combined in one glove

- numerous effects like crackle foil in the castle and in the leaves and bells within the unicorn

- gate with velcro flap for flip open

Princess, prince and unicorn open up many possibilities to playfully experience the world of fairy tales.

The HABA glove-finger puppets are washable at 30°C (on a gentle cycle).

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