Folkmanis Great Smoky Mountains animal finger puppets Set


Kids can have hours of creative, on-the-go playtime with the Folkmanis great smoky mountain animal set. Perfectly portable, find four finger puppets of red salamander, American black bear, skunk and red fox along with species information in the colorful canva.

Did you know that the red salamander is a unique species of amphibian that inhabits the moist forests? These fascinating creatures have a bright red coloration and are known for their ability to secrete toxins to defend themselves against predators. The American black bear plays a crucial role in the ecosystem as an omnivore, aiding in seed dispersal and contributing to the health of the forest. Skunks have a special gland that emits a strongly odorous secretion to protect themselves from threats. Despite their unpleasant odor, they are fascinating animals that play an important role in the ecosystem. The red fox is a skilled hunter and adaptable predator. With its keen hearing and keen sense of smell, it can successfully prey on various animals and adapt to different habitats. The Folkmanis great smoky mountain animal finger puppets set allows children to playfully explore these fascinating animals and recreate their own adventures in the forest.

Typ: finger puppet
Playability: set
Height approx.: 8 cm
Weight approx.: 49 g
Publication year: January 2018
Country of origin: Indonesia