Extra outfit - denim-look for Joyk empathy dolls


With these beautiful doll dresses the Joyk empathy dolls are always perfectly dressed. In 4 different assorted sets is something for every doll and every occasion. Whether a fine tea party is pending or a walk in the fresh air. The dressing and undressing succeeds even small children’s hands and will soon belong to the ritual of every doll mum or doll dad.

With this set, every doll is in the denim trend! With the accessories such as scarf, gloves and matching cap the outfit becomes a real eye-catcher. For colder days there is a cute undershirt. The set includes:

- a blue pointed hat

- a pair of blue gloves

- a blue scarf

- a blue pants with elastic

- a striped undershirt with velcro fastener on the back

- a buttoned denim-look shirt

The clothes are suitable for all Joyk empathy dolls and other dolls with 50 cm - 65 cm size.

Material: 100% cotton

Cleaning: Hand wash up to 30°C

Clothing/accessories for: Joyk Dolls